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Mangoo Host is 100% customer focused . Our sole purpose is to provide help and support to our clients powering their businesses with WordPress around the world. Our services power hundreds of websites for our customers in diverse locations around the world. Because of us, their websites are now secure, faster and looking very professional. You can be rest assured we’ll provide you with the help you need.

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  • 8am-6pm GMT
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During hours of operation, you have unfettered access to our teams via email and online chat. Our teams will answer any questions you might have regarding sales, billing, info and customer care.

  • customercare@fastenwp.com

Nigeria – Port Harcourt, Rivers State


WhatsApp Chat (Sales) +1 (581) 221-0846

Ghana – A23 ADWESO Estate, Koforidua


WhatsApp Chat (Sales) +1 (581) 221-0846

Canada and rest of the world

+1 (581) 221-0846

WhatsApp Chat (Sales) +1 (581) 221-0846