Let’s tell the world about your beautiful theme. We’ll create your video, publish it and provide analytical data.

Free Listing

What we aim to achieve with our theme catalog, is to show customers the limitless options and possibilities they have when it comes to building their site and making it beautiful.

There are literally millions of themes out there. But because it is impossible for us to discover all of them, We’ve made the free listing possible so you can bring your beautiful theme to us and tell us about it so we can, in turn, show it to our viewers and customers.

There are developers, web designers and customers out there looking for your theme. Let’s connect them to you. Tell us about your theme so we can show it to the world.

NB: Please note that we might deny your listing if it doesn’t meet our T/C.


The Paid listing is for theme developers and companies that want more than just the listing of their themes. They want data and analytics. They want to know how many people watched their videos in the past week, month or year. They want to get demographic, and gender-related data etc. They want to know how many people clicked through to their websites. To simply put, they want actionable data so they can optimize and make their themes better and also help increase revenue at the same time.

When it comes to the benefits of having a paid listing, the list is almost endless. Click here to see all the features available for paid listers.

NB: Please note that we might deny your listing if it doesn’t meet our T/C.

Access Unlimited Benefits


List your theme on Fastenwp.com

Benefit from the organic and paid traffic that flows back to our site from YouTube and other social media platforms. Get your theme in front of customers who need WordPress services. Reach a highly targeted group of customers.


Link back to your website

With a paid listing, you can link back to your theme’s page/website’s homepage and your very own special page on our site. This link is tracked and collects actionable data that is submitted to you weekly or monthly depending on the plan you’ve chosen.


No waiting in Line

Due to the overwhelming number of free listing requests we get daily, All new listings are added to the queue and processed on a first come first serve basis. A paid listing gives you priority over that. Your videos are created and published in no time.


Get more traffic to your Videos

With a paid listing, your theme’s video gets published multiple times on our YouTube platform with different keywords and tags thus ensuring maximum exposure and ROI.


Run Promotions on your Video pages

Another cool benefit you get as a paid lister is the ability to update your description text. Are you going to have a special promotion for your themes? Feel free to update the description text of your videos…I mean all of them.

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With a paid listing, you have the opportunity to represent your business in your video on our channel. Add your logo and make it visible in the video. Now your customers can locate you easily.


Reach our Customers

Because of the commitment we’ve made to help increase traffic and revenue for your business, a paid listing now gives you access to our mailing list and a featured spot inside our members’ area. Now you can bring your business right in front of our customers both inside their inboxes and our members’ area.


Lifetime Listing

As a paid lister, your videos will remain published on our YouTube channel forever regardless of whether you cancel your subscription or not. T/C applies.

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Analytics & Reports

Perhaps the most important feature you get from being a paid lister is the data and insight you get. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get access to weekly, monthly and even yearly data. You can access how many minutes your videos have been watched along with other valuable data on your videos.


Your very own Youtube Playlist

Yes. That’s right. If you have over 10 videos on our channel, you are automatically entitled to a playlist with whatever name you wish to call it (T/C applies)

A bright and colourfull video for your theme

See how beautiful and colourful your video will look on our Youtube channel. Your video can be downloaded and used for marketing purposes outside our channel.

Let’s help you drive revenue and increase awareness for your theme.

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